When people transition from corporate life to a franchise, many times they switch industries completely or buy a franchise that complements their hobbies or other non-work interests.

Corporate layoffs are still underway, and more layoffs will be coming over the next year. Many people will not be ready to change industries after a layoff, and corporate executives may want to stay in a consulting and coaching environment. 

There is a franchise that meets this need. It is a training and coaching business based on learning and strategy around entrepreneurial and professional development.  

If you become a Business Coach and Trainer through this franchise you will be joining other driven, passionate business executives from across North America and around the world that are enjoying a successful new coaching career with proven systems.  Instantly, there is a worldwide team of professional associates to draw on and participate with.

The franchise has adopted the very best learning and strategy of an expert entrepreneur into the franchise’s Coaching and Training process. This allows business owners, leaders and their teams to effectively leverage business building tools, systems and methodology from this expert for maximum benefit through the franchise’s over 200 Business Coaches and Trainers. The proven coaching content, together with the vast experience and knowhow, make vast business improvement and profit generation a reality.  Franchisees transform the lives of business owners and executives every day.

If you look at the job market today, you’ll notice four, make that five, consistent and frustrating themes:

  • High paying jobs are hard to find
  • Stability is a luxury – the average job lasts 18-24 months
  • Executives are being asked to do substantially more with fewer resources
  • Employer loyalty is dead, and
  • The pandemic has shut down a number of businesses

The ideal franchisee:

  • Someone who has a proven track record of success
  • Is a great communicator
  • Someone who believes in the company’s core principles: Clarity, Partnership, Leadership, Passion, Integrity, Results, Abundance, Knowledge, Distinction, and a Win Win Win Attitude! 

The business can be either a professional practice or a larger business; it’s the franchisee’s choice entirely. 

This is pushing many executives to look at the job market with a different perspective and to consider a career change that allows them to follow their dream of being an entrepreneur and still do the strategic work they love at the highest level. It’s important to think about making a move that is recession and pandemic resistant. Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to own a business with little downside risk?
  • Do you want to be in control of your future?
  • Would you like to earn what you’re worth?

If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, then becoming a Business Coach is a career opportunity you should consider. The franchise allows you to combine your extensive skills and experience with proven content to produce massive business improvement and individual success. Coaches with this franchise are passionate and energized by the thrill of helping others be their very best. 

If you have interest in this opportunity, let’s talk! 

(413) 935-5111 or scott@scottmilasfranchisecoach.com