Whether you are looking to build a business from the ground up or want to purchase an existing business or a franchise achieving the right business loan will be one of YOUR most important and difficult challenges. Knowing your options and choosing the best funding strategies is vital to growing your business. Sufficient working capital is the core financial health of any new or existing business. Not having enough operating capital can have a serious impact on your business. Our comprehensive overview is to learn more about you to help identify which funding options would best suit the type of business you’re considering. Our creative funding roadmap allows us to achieve your goal of owning your own business. Specialist: Small Business Loans (SBA), Conventional Loan; Utilizing Retirement Funds (Rollover for Business Start-up) Also known as (ROBS) with NO tax or penalties; Equipment Leasing; Unsecured loans; Term loans; Securities Stock Loans; Private Equity Loans: Merchant Cash Advance: Home Equity Line of Credit. Mona Janes, CLP Executive Funding Consultant Creative Funding by Design C: 314-717-4922 Schedule A call: [email protected] [email protected]