Top Fitness Franchise Opportunities

Investing in franchises has grown to become one of the most convenient ways interested entrepreneurs get involved in the company of their choice and still get rewarded by doing the same. Believe it or not, the fitness franchise is one of the secret cash flows that has been in existence for some time now. In case you are still in doubt about how big this industry is, now this is the thing, the United States fitness industry was worth $27.8 billion in 2017 and is expected to climb to  $31.53 billion (in revenue) 2021.

Since you can’t start a fitness brand, you can as well invest in one. This article is created to guide you through the best ways to invest in the fitness industry, not just anyone, but the right ones. But before we proceed to list the best fitness franchises, we must point out few tips you must consider before investing in any of these platforms. First is the size of the company: make sure the company has as many branches as possible.

Again, check out their customer base: to do this, you should look out for their popularity and assess how popular they are in their operational environment. Over the years, the United States has topped the list of investors regarding fitness franchise investment. An average potential investor is expected to involve at least $50,000. Enough said, below is the list of some recommended fitness franchises you will need to consider if you are looking to invest in the business.

Three Fitness Franchises To Consider


One of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world

F45 is a special group workout studio that concentrates on 45 minutes of intensive training secession. It was founded in Australia sometime in 2012, and ever since it has done so well for itself, it has been known as the fastest-growing HIIT franchise worldwide. Their training session combines HIIT-style workouts and circuit, thereby providing customers with nothing less than the best fitness experience. To prove this company’s performance, the Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg had once invested $450 million.


Own a blitz45 functional training studio

This company is what we consider calling an exciting group workouts group. Unlike their counterparts, they are more female-friendly. To prove this, it will interest you to know that women make up to 60% of its total members. Learn more about blitz45 franchise opportunities here.


Next level in fitness training

This franchise can boast of high member engagement, high intensity, and a  36-minute highly effective workout session. This franchise operates strictly through some carefully modeled scientific training pattern. This method has been tagged the best strategy so far because of building muscles, losing weight, and improving all-around physical fitness.

Finally, you must understand how your preferred franchise works before you can invest in any of them. Again, no matter your investment pattern, it will do well to include one of these mentioned fitness franchises.

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