Top Design and Decor Franchises

For years, our society has underestimated the opportunities in the design and décor industry. For years now, this billion-dollar industry has created more jobs than most industries, but one of the requirements of doing well in this business is getting as much skill as possible. This is because most of the opportunities you find there are pragmatic; you have to do it yourself. Some of the lucrative sectors in this industry include designing, painting, decorating, and training. But due to the innovativeness of this sector, the news niche comes up daily.

But unfortunately, the revenue for this industry has been on the decline since the pandemic days, and it has been predicted to further lose its value in 2020, which it did. But do not mistake this for a flaw in the sector – every other industry was affected.  This does not put away the lucrative nature of this franchise as it is still very profitable. The design and décor industry is not segmented into one section: it cuts across residential and non-residential properties. This is where the reduction in the décor market’s value comes in: nobody gets to build anymore. Who will even want to build when everybody else is indoors? Nevertheless, the drop is just temporary.

Before we list some of the lucrative franchise in this sector, we must let you know that this industry is a very sensitive one; it responds quickly to social changes, hence, the current COVID-19 effect. Below are some of the design and décor franchisees we think are safe to invest in when the COVID-19 dust is finally over.

Three Design and Decor Franchises You Should Consider Investing In:

Home Design Decor Magazine

If you have a passion for interior designing, decoration, and architecture, then this is the right franchise to buy into. This is the franchise for people who enjoy maintaining relationships with business owners. To be part of this franchise, you will need to have an initial investment of 100,000 – $155,000 in liquid capital, a net worth of $500,000 (at minimum), and a total investment of $46,500 – $155,000. Again, they offer financing through a third party.

Decorating Den Interiors

This company has been ranked among the best design and décor franchise among its peers today, they have assumed this position for over ten years straight; evidence that they are the most trust-worthy in franchising. Their franchise program on for over forty years, allowing individuals to be part of something profitable. Their franchise line includes lighting, hardwood flooring, accessories, draperies and blinds, wallpaper, carpets and area rugs, etc. There also offer their franchisees extensive training, business support, and marketing programs.

Budget Blinds

This franchise has done well for themselves by beating their competitors to emerge the best design and décor franchise, especially in the United States. They specialize in shades and drapes, shutters, and custom window treatments. To be part of this franchise, you need a minimum cash investment of $39,950.

Finally, as a fan of décor, you should learn to put your money where your mouth is. There are still other décor franchises out you can Invest in, e.g., Creative Colors Int’l., Closets by Design, etc., but the ones we listed above are the most reputable according to popular review.

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