There Will Always Be Dirty Cars
The Future of Carwashing Is Wrapped Up in a Franchise!

I’m writing today to let you know about a very interesting franchise concept: Waterless Carwashing!

Like UBER but for Car Washing, this franchise will revolutionize urban car care. Targeting time starved busy consumers, it is a pure convenience based service driven through a mobile app, giving the consumer a totally new and unique experience when it comes to car care.

Their waterless product offering is so unique that a car can be cleaned anywhere and anytime. The primary focus for their App is user experience with a clean user interface that enables a car wash service to be booked in just four clicks!

Franchisees can deliver the waterless carwash services via a number of different modes of transport including cars, scooters and even bicycles. The app generates a digital ecosystem of valuable user data enabling cost effective targeting and re-marketing to the consumer.

Master franchises are also available. Purchasing a master franchise ensures a franchisee operates an exclusive territory, city or entire country. They implement extensive planning and training to launch in a chosen territory leveraging digital data and 10 years’ operational experience to identify the fastest route to market with the quickest ROI for the master franchisee.

A master franchisee will have access to all 3 levels of franchise including On Demand, Corporate Franchise, and a Static Franchise.
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