Over two-thirds (66.2%) of entrepreneurs agree or strongly agree that “now is a good time to start a business” in October 2021, down from September’s high at 73.4%. Aspiring owners who anticipate starting their businesses in the “next month”  dropped to 16.2% in October 2021, in contrast to the record 36.1% seen in the prior month. 

But one of the most remarkable findings was that 58.6% of the respondents plan to leave full-time jobs. This is the highest percentage since 59.1% in January 2020.

The most recent Startup Sentiment Index™ survey was conducted October 21-27, 2021, as US financial markets recovered to new highs, concerns about the Delta Covid faded, Congress stood at an impasse over multi-trillion-dollar legislation, and key elections were just days away.

Additional highlights:

  • Future business conditions: 32.5% of respondents believe that in three months, business conditions will be “better” or “much better” than now, down from 46.5% in September. About 50.6% see conditions “about the same” in three months.
  • Access to funding: The percentage of entrepreneurs concerned about finding  adequate funding increased, with those seeing funding “harder or much harder” to obtain at 33.8%, up from 23.8% in September.
  • Demographics: In October, 58.6% of respondents were currently employed full-time, and 20% were current business owners. Gen-X (49.4%) and Gen-Y (28.6%) are the largest age cohorts, while “Baby Boomers” follow at 20.1% of respondents.

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