Think about the pieces of the puzzle that go into making sure your vacation rental plans go smoothly, such as searching for a place, making sure it’s available, deposits, key codes, cleaning services, and so on. Imagine if all of the pieces were packaged into a business. The good news is it is…

An expanding, turnkey franchise opportunity is available in the vacation and short-term rental industry. You would not need to stress about revenue management, back-end support, marketing, reservations systems, and even optional customer service, staffing, and accounting services. The brand has superior technology and aggressive marketing campaigns in place and is scalable to help grow your business from day one.

The vacation and short-term rental industry is the fastest-growing segment of the $200+ billion travel industry. US consumer confidence is still not at 100% and people are looking at domestic travel vs. international destinations. As travelers return to vacation rentals, some of their needs and expectations have evolved. Private amenities have become more important than shared common space.

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